Jennifer Avelon

I create art professionally and for personal enjoyment.


I have been making art since childhood. “One of my first memories was creating a mural behind a poster that hung in my little sister’s room. She and I had worked on it for the entire summer.  One day my mom came home and said, ‘Girls we are moving, so pack up all your things and take everything down off the wall.’  In fear of getting caught, I creatively signed my sister’s name at the bottom of the mural.  My mom called us both down and asked who had created the art on the wall.  I pointed out that my sister had signed her name… to which my mother replied, 'Jennifer, she is only 3 years old and cannot write in cursive yet!'”


Jennifer  holds a B.A. from Miami University, Oxford OH.  She has also taken design classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and advanced painting classes at the School of Visual Arts (SVA).  She had held art exhibits at various galleries in New York, Connecticut, Maryland and London.  She currently lives in New York City.

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