Jennifer Avelon NYC Art Opening May 4th 2009
Jennifer Avelon Art Opening May 4 NYC 2009 at Mcleod Hair Gallery. Contemporary art - woodblock prints, acrylic paintings with mixed media, fabric, models, wine and more Sexy fun flirty lingerie pin up girls,  interview Justin Hyte and  Katie Kansas.



Art with Avelon


Art with Avelon is a fun show documenting the process of how art is made! The series will cover topics ranging from painting techniques, acrylic, mixed media, woodcut prints, screen prints, tee shirt design, applications, capturing light, shading, realistic skin tones and more.  Celebrity guests, material hunt, portraits, field trips and special requests.  Produced by Jennifer Avelon.

Jennifer Avelon Art Opening Nov 14 2008

Jennifer Avelon's November 14th 2009 NYC art opening. Featuring art collection by Jennifer Avelon Fashion's by Katie Kansas, Sun Gallery, Contemporary art, models, wine and more!


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